Innovate’s Value

Value = Experience + Vision

Innovate IT Resources works hard to focus on a solution and not get tied up in politics and other ‘project killing’ activities.  We focus on getting the biggest benefit from each project.   Typical projects have 80/20 rule in play — where 80% of the return comes from 20% of the effort.  Structuring a project in smart phases and using various project management techniques, you will see returns much sooner that directly affects the bottom line.

The broad experience that a Solution Engineers possess also create value as you are not paying for learning curves.  Innovate IT Solution Engineers draw from previous experiences to get up to speed quicker — both for your technology and business. Innovate IT Solution Software Engineers spend many weeks each year training on current technology, project management techniques, and management issues.

There is a false economy in comparing companies on raw rates. You may be able to engage an overseas contractor at 2/3 of our rate only to have them take twice as long to finish a project (resulting in 50% more cost). Having a successful history and focusing on results, Innovate IT Resources gets  results you can bank on. Contact us to discuss what our value will be to your project.