Shared Vision

Sometimes it is hard to see what’s behind the dike when you are constantly trying to stop the leaks.  Having another set of eyes look at an issue can help clarify the solution.  Your Solution Engineer can provide facilitation and leadership to work through a technical solution or focus only on the solution to a specific issue while you continue to stop the leak (a tactical solution).

Innovate IT Solutions can also participate in building strategic technology plans by providing long term technology visions and industry trends.  Technology vendors sometimes state directions that are later abandon.  It can be very expensive to have a chosen technology be withdrawn by a vendor.  Innovate can provide feed back on new technology, general market acceptance of a technology, first hand experience working in a technology and what the user base is saying about the technology.

Your Solution Engineer brings experience and Diverse knowledge and experience from many industries.  Because your Solution Engineer has diverse knowledge and experiences he is in a unique position to ‘think out of the box’ to find a solution for your challenges. Contact us now to discuss our vision of a solution