Project examples

The following is a list of some the types of project Innovate IT Resources has done.  Maybe yours should be here ….

Medical.  PSCAT — an admission and referral source tracking system used by hospitals to 1) manage the admission process including assessment through out comes 2) automation of ROI and paper work for patients 3) referral source tracking, statistics and reports.  Results: include better patient care, smoother process flow, reduced expenses, less paper work, pinpointed marketing efforts.  Technology: Web (IIS), ASP.Net,,  C#, Java, Pen Based computing, signature pads.

Health Care. Health improvement system that interfaces with existing clinical data system to manage and monitor aspects of health improvement programs, online training, on-site training, year-to-year improvement, and award programs.  Creates both patient reports and management reports.  Results: Allows provider to manage large volume of clients at minimal costs and focus on core business and not record keeping and reporting.  Technology:, Web (IIS), SQL server, Crystal Reports, TCP/IP communication.

Manufacturing.  Shop floor data collection using OPTO22 and Measurement Computing components.  Real-time operational control and data collection from manufacturing machinery.  Data used in trend and performance analysis and cost accounting.  Results: Better control of waste, accountability of operators, lower costs, pre-emptive maintenance, identify raw materials issues, better customer service. Technology: VB.Net, OPTO22 script, Measurement Computing devices and interfaces, TCP/IP communication, SQL Server, SQL replication, Crystal reports, C.

Distribution. Conveyor Sortation System to consolidate shipments into most efficient grouping and routing.  Track age of bins on floor to facilitate timely shipping.  Real-time programming, diverts must hit within 2/10 of an inch to be successful, induction point, variable length package measured as packages track down conveyors, in-line scale and weights, in-line printer, main line, 3 sub lines, 240 divert locations, 240 pole lights, 135 inline optical eyes.  Results Lower operation costs, tacking packages, better customer service, better package tracking, accurate package weights and identification.  Technology:  VB, SQL server, Computer Measurement Boards and interfaces

Dispatching  Emergency Road Service call receiving and dispatching.  Manages all aspects of dispatching emergency service from identification of membership, GIS location identification, dispatch to in vehicle devices and call status.  Results: Better response times, accurate prediction of arrival times, better utilization of vehicles, lower operating costs, lower manpower requirements.

Other…. This is a short list of what we have done in the past. Innovate IT Resources looks forward to discussing your project and how we can save you money and time. Please contact us.